Procurement to plate — focus on what you do best, outsource the rest.

In a reflection of national trends, the newest and fastest growing business line within Diamond Express Logistics is our Food-e fulfillment program, underpinning customers in the e-commerce space. 

Diamond Express Logistics can offer customers a single point of contact for nationwide fulfillment needs.

Through our current resources and expertise in temperature-controlled logistics, we are able to deliver a premier frozen fulfillment network of independent third-party logistics organizations, providing unmatched quality and fast transit times.

Through this growing network, supported by integrated and leading-edge technology, our customers are able to reach a maximum number of consumers with reliable service and delivery solutions for both the east and west coasts. Fully scalable, our well-vetted affiliates are quickly meeting the needs of e-commerce growth trends regionally and nationally.

With strategic locations on the east and west coasts, and the ability to offer one-day delivery to 85 million households or two-day delivery to 215 million, through Diamond Express Logistics, our customers are able to build a brand, keep current relationships while growing new ones and ship directly to customers, with ease. Our Diamond Express Logistics Information Technology team will collaborate with you, making technology easy for common data interfaces, and integrated portals for system-wide transaction/inventory control.

We’re more than a logistics solutions provider – we’re a partner — with you every step of the way.

To learn more about our location, resources, and the success of our customers, contact us today.

Diamond Express Logistics Freight Management

Upon the acquisition of Streamline Logistics, we updated the story behind this fast-growing service line of Diamond Express Logistics. Meet Nick Falk and the dedicated team that works 24/7 to meet the needs of carrier and customers alike.

Diamond Express Logistics Technology

From consumer-to-plate to customer management portals for consumer warehouse clubs, our in-house technology team will customize solutions to meet any specific customer need. From discovery to implementation, we are with you every step of the way.