Looking to produce high-quality goods without breaking the bank? Tired of managing the supply chain in addition to the complexities of being a manufacturer?

Diamond Express Logistics is the partner you need.

As a manufacturer, we know that cutting costs and producing the highest quality products are your main interests. We recognize that your value as producers is an anchor of the supply chain. We also understand that, as manufacturers, it is imperative for you to stay ahead of the curve in technology trends in order to stay competitive and retain valued relationships in an aggressive marketplace.

At Diamond Express Logistics, we strive to provide you with supply chain solutions that meet your specific needs — from timely raw product delivery to a network of relationships for global distribution. Our integrated supply chain management offers end-to-end solutions that start with your needs, and have a proven track record of success.

For nearly a century, we have supported the growth and needs of manufacturers just like you. You will find that people and values are at the core of our organization because we believe transparent, long-term relationships should surround logistics and processes. At Diamond Express Logistics, you are not just a customer. We consider you family.

We’re more than a logistics solutions provider — we’re a partner — with you every step of the way.

To learn more about our location, resources, and the success of our customers, contact us today.