Retail & Foodservice Operators

Want to free up your financial and human capital? Looking to focus on creating a compelling and exceptional experience for your customers?

Diamond Express Logistics has your solution.

As multi-unit retail and foodservice operators, you specialize in ensuring consistent satisfaction for your customers and their experience across many locations with unique regional and local needs. That experience starts with having the right products, in place, at the right time. “86”, temporally out of stock, unavailable, not on the shelf, etc. creates lost sales today and lost customers tomorrow. We understand just how important OSA and OMA (on menu and one self-availability) is to the overall customer experience. Supply Continuity is essential.

With Diamond Express Logistics, you can collaborate with us to create customized logistics solutions where demand planning is personalized and distribution schedules dynamic. We handle the procurement, warehousing, and transportation responsibilities, in the same manner, you would if you did it yourself. We combine decades of experience with continuous investments in technology and software to provide you with customized distribution solutions. Diamond Express Logistics Custom Solutions provide all the benefits of self-distribution – with none of the headaches.

With Diamond Express Logistics, you and your vendor partners will find a peace of mind that comes with knowing we have the solutions you seek:

  • Customized distribution solutions
  • Warehousing
  • Procurement & replenishment services
  • E-Commerce Support
  • Regional Consolidation
  • Freight Management
  • Analytics

We’re more than a logistics solutions provider – we’re a partner — with you every step of the way.

For more than 90 years, we have served and satisfied processors just like you. You will find that people are at the core of our organization because we believe transparent, long-term relationships should transcend logistics and processes. At Diamond Express Logistics, you are not just a customer. We consider you family. 

To learn more about our location, resources, and the success of our customers, contact us today.

Diamond Express Logistics Freight Management

Upon the acquisition of Streamline Logistics, we updated the story behind this fast-growing service line of Diamond Express Logistics. Meet Nick Falk and the dedicated team that works 24/7 to meet the needs of carrier and customers alike.

Diamond Express Logistics Technology

From consumer-to-plate to customer management portals for consumer warehouse clubs, our in-house technology team will customize solutions to meet any specific customer need. From discovery to implementation, we are with you every step of the way.