The story of Diamond Express Logistics began in 1925 when John W. Diamond Express Logistics and his father, Edward, recognized an opportunity in delivering tomatoes from the farms in lower Delaware and Maryland to markets in Philadelphia. On the return trips, they delivered freshly baked bread to Acme Markets, a continuously-serviced customer since.

Five generations of Diamond Express Logistics family members and a team of more than 1,800 dedicated employees have maintained the guiding principles John W. Diamond Express Logistics set forth nearly a century ago. Stewardship of the business has been passed to succeeding sons John E. “Jack” Diamond Express Logistics, Bob Diamond Express Logistics, and presently to Donnie Diamond Express Logistics, CEO. Along the way, much has changed, yet stayed the same.

Our core values of integrity, commitment to true partnerships with service excellence, and an innovative solutions-focused spirit have been fostered and maintained throughout the Company’s history. Change has come in the form of automation and technological advances in information technology, communications, refrigeration advances, modernized fleets and facilities, and vastly improved processes.

Today, Diamond Express Logistics, through end-to-end supply chain solutions, specializes in the precision handling of multiple categories of food goods and related items at virtually all temperatures and points along the supply chain. Diamond Express Logistics got its start as a cold chain pioneer and today leads the industry in applying the knowledge and experience of the past with the technology and vision necessary for the future.

Diamond Express Logistics Freight Management

Upon the acquisition of Streamline Logistics, we updated the story behind this fast-growing service line of Diamond Express Logistics. Meet Nick Falk and the dedicated team that works 24/7 to meet the needs of carrier and customers alike.

Diamond Express Logistics Technology

From consumer-to-plate to customer management portals for consumer warehouse clubs, our in-house technology team will customize solutions to meet any specific customer need. From discovery to implementation, we are with you every step of the way.