From our warehouse in Lakeland, FL:

Diamond Express Logistics Lakeland Just completed a new lighting retrofit to the facility. They replaced all of their 400 watt HPS lights with energy efficient T-5 & T-8 fluorescent lights . This lighting project is projected to save the facility approximately $20,000 per year on electric costs and another $1,750 in annual maintenance savings; not to mention the following environmental impact:

  • Reduction in 226,236 pounds of Carbon Dioxide
  • Reduction of 377,060 grams of Sulfur Dioxide
  • Reduction of 874,779 grams of Nitrogen Oxides
By removing the quantities of these pollutants from the air, our lighting project will have the same effect on the environment as:

  • Planting 28 acres of trees.
  • Removing 21 cars from the road each year.
  • Saving 13,711 gallons of fuel each year.

The IT department is making great strides to reduce its carbon footprint by migrating to a paperless environment.

We are “going green” by leveraging the use of an electronic content management (ECM) system for electronic filing of documents, encouraging our trading partners to transmit information via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), and voluntarily recycling used computer equipment by either reselling it or donating it to local schools or charities.

Here is a partial list of ways Diamond Express Logistics’ “Green” initiatives.

  • Hardware virtualization
  • Hot-aisle and cold-aisle rack layout
  • Blanking panels for racks
  • Brushes and/or gaskets for raised floor cut outs
  • Standardized on deep cabinets to handle wiring and improve air-flow
  • Spread out high density load
  • Motion detectors to control lighting
  • Use Energy Star rated office equipment: copiers, fax machines, monitors, PCs, laptops, etc
  • Enable power management features – sleep and idle settings on monitors, thin clients, PCs, and laptops
  • Disconnect battery charges when not in use
  • Use double sided printing feature if you have to print
  • Use recycled paper for whenever possible
  • Use double-sided option when photocopying multiple pages
  • Voice picking to save approximately 100,000,000 case labels annually. Cost for these is approx $.0025/ea not to mention all the trees.
  1. We installed routing software that minimizes mileage traveled and increases the weight per load; hence, pulling hundreds of trucks per year off the highway.
  2. We have improved our fuel economy 10+% by educating/incentivizing drivers, lowering our speed and installing APU’s (Accelerated Powered Units).
  1. VFD (Variable-frequency drive) motors on condensers and evaporators
  2. Bi-level lighting & Fluorescent bi-level lighting
  3. Energy management software to minimize KW consumption
  4. Adding an additional compressor to use power in off peak times
  5. Recycling at the facility level
  6. Installing energy efficient roofing membranes
  7. Purchasing AC powered MHE equipment, which in turn helps reduce fleet size and batteries required due to longer run times and performance
  8. Designing new facilities with better insulation in the roof and walls in climates where it saves energy

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