Diamond Express Logistics has completed successful inland and international rig moves for a variety of rig types. We can act quickly and accurately to deliver fast pricing indications and logistics solutions for almost anywhere in the world

Rig Move Project Management We manage rig move projects. Specific rig moves require the following services in correct sequence: Load Planning & Management, Load Restraint Surveys, Road and Route Survey, Crane Lifting Services, Site Supervision, Contractor Management, Risk Assessment, OHSE. These are all implemented and managed strategically by Diamond Express Logistics

Crane & Rig Truck Services

We overview the rig move and nominate required lifting equipment to ensure correct handling of all items on the load list. We examine lift radius and distances and determine crane suitability. Diamond Express Logistics also has contacts with rig trucks that can assist in loading camps and skid mounted cargo.

Site Supervision & Truck Pushing

We supervise the rig move at site and provide suitably experienced staff to assist in carrying out the transport plan (truck pushing). This is done in consultation with the Rig Manager and primary contractor.


Diamond Express Logistics will compile and report on the overall rig move incorporating all areas to enhance future services. Daily reports are logged and then compiled so the primary contractor can overview information such as: safety, contractor performance, load sequence, hours of work, client feedback & comments, load rates and daily movements.